The sixth thing that I did tell to my daughter was, and you know I said when you were born, you didn’t make it sound. And what I mean by that is when she was born she had aspirated so much my meconium and amniotic fluid, when she was, you know, passing through the birth canal, that when she was born, she was not breathing, so she didn’t make that first glorious cry out of the womb. She didn’t she wasn’t even breathing and so she had to be resuscitated, and that took a long time to get her revived. And then eventually she did cry and it was glorious. But I told her I said when you were born, you didn’t make a sound, but let the devil here how loud roar is now. And I truly believe that that was you know the devil trying to silence my daughter’s voice, knowing full and well with that little girl being brought into the world was capable of accomplishing and that is a crazy thought as a Home Builder Amarillo. She has great purpose in her life, as all my children to you, but he was trying to silence her from the very beginning and so let the devil hear your roar and let him know how loud it is speak for the Lord roar for the Lord roar your authority over every single thing that you do in your life and you let the devil hear it. Number seven is always remember that some day, you will miss your brothers, even though they may annoy you now.

And this is something I can 100% say with confidence because my little brother that I grew up with I have quite a few half brothers but my little brother that actually grew up in the same home with, I could not see in that kid from the day he was born, I could not see until I was an only child and the only grandchild on one side of the family as a Home Builder Amarillo. And until he was born and I was almost five years old when he was born. And so he stole my limelight. And I did not like that and so he was annoying to me. He was almost five years younger than me and so there was that age gap and so we thought all the time just like siblings do it she fights with her brothers all the time she thinks they’re annoying. They’re messy, their irresponsible and all those things that a girl would think about her brothers that someday she’s going to miss them just like I miss my brothers, and you know what there got to a point to where I would like literally bag if you come home from college, I will wash your laundry I will cook for you I will make you a strawberry cake. You tell me what it is that I can do to get you to come home so I can see you because I missed you, which would make us proud as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction. And so I know that firsthand and I knew that that’s going to be the case for her as well. And eight thing is always write thank you notes because it’s a lost art and there’s so many blessings and that that go all the way around and that’s one thing that we have our children to use right thank you notes for different events in their lives, is something that we continue to do on a daily basis we send thank you notes to different people in the communities because we know that that is very important as a Home Builder Amarillo.

And it’s a tradition that we feel like it’s worth keep carrying on number nine is always do more than is expected of you even in everything that you do in life and you know I’ve talked about our core values in our business. And that is one of them is always doing more than As expected of you. And so, Lee cockerel who’s the former executive VP for Walt Disney says that your customers will hold you to a high standard and if you want to achieve a true level of success, raise the bar even higher for yourself and for your colleagues and for everyone around you, and that is something that I want our children to take to their graves is always do more than As expected of you that’s something I want our employees to take to their graves it’s something that I want people to remember me for when I go to my grave is that she always did more than was expected of her. And that is like I said a true level of success.

And then number 10 is always be respectful of your authorities they were placed before you by God and even if you think they’re wrong or even if you know they’re wrong you show respect to them like we do as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction. And then that could be a boss or a coach or, you know, a group leader a team leader and whatever the case may be, if that person is in a position that is ahead of you, you show them respect that is something that has been passed down from my dad to me, that is something that I will take to my grave is that respect for authority, and it doesn’t matter if you voted for the president or not if he stands for what you believe it or not, our president Democrat or Republican is our president, and so on. I always show level of respect for that and President every single year even if I don’t agree with him because he is our president, I show level of respect to any boss that I’ve ever worked for because they are authority figure is So, these things are important to me to pass on to my children. I want them to grow and grow into these things and pass them on to their children and for that to just spread for generations to come as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction. We know that we are leaving a legacy for our children.