So here is the third article from us at Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo that makes us proud of ourselves. And so like I said I’m just on my way home now, and it’s, it’s going to be late by the time I get home and so really just want to spend some time reflecting on some different things. And you know why we do what we do. It’s more than just building houses it’s more than just remodeling houses. We enjoy what we do so much and we enjoy it. Number one, because we’re proud of ourselves. We’re proud of the things that we’ve overcome in our life. We’re proud of our testimonies and where the Lord brought us out of and where he has placed us right now, and but more importantly, our children are proud of us, our children are so proud of as, and you know they can you say you know what Look, my parents had a very bad past before they were Home Builder Amarillo and owned Chaney Construction, but this is where they’re at today, and that’s something to be proud of.

That has nothing to do with finances that has nothing to do with what kind of house we live in or what kind of cars we drive that is everything to do with our children are proud of our accomplishments. And that is one of the biggest motivations for me and my husband both as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction, is to know that our children are proud of the things that their parents have overcome and where they are at in their lives. That means so much to me. And that’s one of the things, and you know our daughter turned 18 on Wednesday and so I gave her just some words of wisdom, and one of the things that I told her you know directly from my heart that I am you know I came up with these 10 words of wisdom to her, and one of them was, if you ever find your place your yourself in a place that is dark, whether you put yourself in that position or not, whether it was your decisions that got you there do not always remember that your parents are overcomersxt and follow that lead. Follow us as a Home Builder Amarillo and know that if you make a bad decision or you just end up in a bad circumstance that place that so bleak fate place that feels dark place that you just do not know how you’re going to get yourself out of this. Just remember that your parents overcame such big obstacles and have come out successful on the other side, and follow that lead follow our example just know that you know we don’t pray for you to ever be in those circumstances but guess what life happens, guess what, we’re human beings and we make bad decisions we make bad choices sometimes, sometimes the places we find ourselves in or because of our bad decisions and our mistakes, but guess what you don’t have to stay there, that’s a glorious thing about our Lord is we don’t have to stay there, that’s that decision and that is what we do as a Home Builder Amarillo. You can wake up and say you know what I don’t like where I’m at.

I can change that and to be strong enough and brave enough to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and stand up dust yourself off and say That’s it, I’m done that part of my life is finished and I am going to be an overcome or an ongoing to overcome this and when I look back someday I’m going to remember the moment in my life where I made the decision to overcome those are the things that I was in during at that moment. And so that right there is just something I really pray that our children will always remember is that their parents are over commerce and they can be overcome as to if they ever need to be. And that’s just it’s a huge motivation and to us  as a Home Builder Amarillo to know that we’re such over comers and we want that to be a huge motivation to our children. And you know one of the other things that I words of wisdom that I gave to my daughter was remember where you come from, because it’s food, it’s what made you who you are today, and that you know from her being the child of drug addicts, you know I want her to remember, even though she was very young when we got sober and so she does not remember all, a lot of those years that were just really bad. And then the beginning of her life. She doesn’t remember those she knows and she knows the stories and she knows, and what we went through and so I just want her to remember that.

That’s where she came from that, that the story of our road to sobriety the story of our roads salvation as a Home Builder Amarillo, all of those things helped create the life that she has today. And so, but not only that, not just the aspects of from the things that we did that affected her, but from that aspect that every disappointment in her life, every decision she’s ever made good or bad. Everything that she’s ever endured are gone through up into this point in her life heartaches disappointments and failures and successes they’ve all made her who she is today they that’s our children they these things make them who they are today. And so for her to remember that and all these is a very big deal to me because I want her to know that this is just this is how things go this is what shapes you and mold you and helps you to become the person that you are one of the other. The third things that I told her is that God will use disappointments in your life, to build your faith in him, but guess what the devil will also use disappointments in your life, to destroy your faith in God.