Good morning. This morning we’re going to talk about cold weather. It’s 11 degrees this morning here in the Texas Panhandle at 4:47 am and it is col the ports about cold weather Custom Home Builder Amarillo Chaney Construction is that you always need to make sure that your installation is great. Your heater is great, so that you don’t have problems like frozen pops, cold rooms or high utilities, you should always make sure that everything is insulated will make sure that your heaters working well change your filters and have your heater surface once a year just to make sure that everything is functioning properly that there are no obvious problems. And that can save you problems in the long run whenever it’s cold spell hits. Because that’s whenever it works the hardest. And guess what, that’s when it’s going to fail.

Always have your heater service Custom Home Builder Amarillo will provide you with a company that’s more about just installing a system in your home. But they’ll install in heating and air system that will last you for many years to come with a reputable company that will offer service and that will serve as your air conditioner and your heater your round. Anytime that you needed a Custom Home Builder Amarillo will use a reputable company, a company that is there for you a company that is there for more than just the initial escalation like Chaney Construction. It’s very important that you have a good relationship with the heating and air company because mornings like this it is cold. So you always want to have on standby a good Heating and Air company a Custom Home Builder Amarillo that uses a good reputable company will provide you with their numbers will provide you with the relationship of the installer so that they can work on there so that they can honor the warranty of their equipment. And also so that if there are any problems that are may arise that you can call them and they will be there for you.

It’s now 10 degrees here in my truck at 4:49 am. And it is getting colder. So how much more important is that you have good heating and air system very important. Very, very important. So use a Custom Home Builder Amarillo that will take the time to just to find you a person to install your heating and air system that is qualified, reputable. And that’s going to be there to stand behind their products. Not just for the initial installation, we want you to know how important this is. So to go on more about this installation is important this time of year. Also, you know it may not be important on the mild days are several days of the year. But on mornings like this, you will really notice the difference in your windows, doors, and installation. It’s all cohesive part of a package that stops straps air infiltration, and that just causes everything to work better to function better. And more importantly, more efficiently. comfort in your home is extremely important today they make heating and air systems that are multi-speed. Some of them even have you know, 750 or maybe even more different speeds.

So depending on how much you think in the air is calling for. In other words, how much different difference in temperature there is, then the unit will actually speed up and down to accommodate for that morning today like a morning like this morning. They may be working on or overtime because it’s extremely cold and they’re having to work very very hard. But on a normal day, you know it may not call for hardly any are doing and the difference in air quality. And the difference in air temperature in your home should be very very minimal at all times. And what the multi-speed units that we have today. They don’t waste electricity running on hot kicking on how you know they kick on low or very very low speed and then they raise up to a higher speed. So that saves a ton of energy just using what it needs not full speed all the top you know the big thing for a while was to speak English It was a great help. And now we have both of speed. So a Custom Home Builder Amarillo will inform you of all these things make you aware of them and let you know what is important and let you make the choice of what best suits your needs and your budget. Also a Custom Home Builder Amarillo will educate you about these things will inform you about these things thoroughly. And make sure that you know that the initial cost can save you money for years to come. It’s so important.

So very important. All these things are good Custom Home Builder Amarillo is definitely going to allow you to make the right decision and it may be that you have to go with the less expensive unit but do the very best that you can because it’s going to save you many years to come as well as great you a comfortable home and comfortable environment. There’s nothing worse than at home the stock comfortable and I know that most of us especially whenever we are young hopefully lived in homes that maybe didn’t even have central heating air and that you know the value of that at this time. So we don’t want to take a step back in time we want to move forward and comfort is important. There’s nothing worse than it does not comfortable we spent a great investment in time and money oftentimes your life savings to build your dream home and you definitely want to have great air quality that is comfortable in your room. No matter what season no matter what nature throws at you. You just want to be comfortable so Custom Home Builder Amarillo will definitely make sure that you are comfortable cozy warm in the winter and that you are extremely cool as a cucumber in the summer the hot summer so the Texas Panhandle Custom Home Builder Amarillo keep you this way and make sure that you’re happy. Thank you. Good morning. don’t freeze your butt off.