When it comes to our warehouse all throughout the process where do we get some repairs made to the roof well in the meantime as storm like always and Pampa Texas blows through rooms are if so we have to get our roof fixed so we’ve got this warehouse we’re not doing anything with it still and we have to get the warehouse roof fixed so in that process we have so many out there we’re looking at roofs as a Home Builder Amarillo and all of that and Mr. Horton very important contacts my husband talks to you about the roof to with the warehouse to the next door to our so there’s an empty law in between hours and his also we talked to him about the room we have the roof got over there he comes over and take a look Take a look at this report that was rude we get Mr. Horton our past from our God bless you know how much it’s going to cost to replace the roof on the story in this building he meets with my husband and basically tells him look I had great plans for this place I know it could be something amazing it needs a lot of work and yes it needs a new roof now you see how much money that’s going to cost to be able to do that and he says I know you have the warehouse next door as a Home Builder Amarillo, you’re young and I know how you operate and I know that you’re going to do great things so this place and I’m just going to give you the building he gave us the warehouse next door to ours gave free and clear signed it over to us put it into our name deeded it to us however you want to say it and so now we have these two warehouses these warehouses or iconic historical figures in the early 1900s and Pampa Texas we went over it and some five was around for very many years and I mean these warehouses are there because the trains pulled up back when you still unloaded your goods and like that via train car that’s why they’re there they’ve been around since the early 1900s since the beginning of Pampa which is cool as a Home Builder Amarillo.

Just about and now I call now they are ran down there disheveled later they are I assure even though they’re gorgeous, if you can walk past all of them just run down this that part of town needs to be revived. That part of town used to be something amazing when you’re traveling through highway 16. If you were coming from Miami if we were coming from Canadian if you’re coming from Wheeler from any of those places and you travel down Highway 60 Would you stop in our city absolutely not you would just keep on going and go ahead and go on over to Amarillo our city on that side of the town is so it’s so neglected people have abandoned it but as an elected the amount of homeless people and people that are up to no good that walk across all through that neighborhood is absolutely insane to us as a Home Builder Amarillo. And you know, just over there trying to get things cleaned up over there trying to get things worked on. It’s like a constant battle of people just walking and loitering. And, and I’m pretty sure that people were living in the Warner Horton supply warehouse for a while.

And so we had to get those doors secured, we had to worry about somebody stealing stuff from us. And we know these are all going to be issues that we’re going to run into. But we’re ready for that challenge we’re ready to we know we’re going to have to get some security systems implemented. We understand all of that. One of our goals, though, is to talk to the gentleman that owns the storage buildings to the east of ours. And then all the way down to the end of the property and down to collar Street, which Mr Horton owns the rest of that part. Even after giving us the chunk in the middle about maybe getting a fence line ran right there that were that easement goes for the railroad tracks, just to keep the people from walking around back there. And so that way we can really do some good really get the place cleaned up really try to work on cleaning up just that whole inside of town. And so that’s our vision. And we do want to move for some more over there. We want to utilize those warehouses as retail. So my husband keeps saying antique store, antique store, antique store. And I’m thinking you would never sell anything you would become so in love and so obsessed with all of these things, you would end up just being a hoarder and some like I don’t know that that sounds amazing. But retail retail is what we have in mind. And so whether it’s home decor, or home furniture, antique items, or kind of mix and match of all of those things. My husband has a friend who has an old airplane, I couldn’t tell you what it is, I don’t know anything about him that comes apart. They you know, they can disassemble it into sections, he’s going to take the motor out of it.

As a Home Builder Amarillo my husband is going to take that thing and put it in the warehouse they are going to suspend it from the ceiling so when you walk in the middle of our warehouse there’s just this airplane suspended there and is going to be amazing and like my husband is like a kid in a candy store all of these thoughts are just coming to him and he’s trying to figure out what are we what are we doing where which one of these are we really going to chase and so throughout this process he’s like I want to own I want to own more of that side as a Home Builder Amarillo I want to own more he said I really want it just to become kind of like a warehouse district and you know if you can if you know anything about the success story of chip and Joanna Gaines in there and you know that whole Magnolia and these grain silos and you see the the hysteria around them we want people in the Texas Panhandle to come to this side of town and Pampa Texas to see what we have we want them to come and and and and not just for profit for our for us for our businesses but we want them to come and see it Pampa in a way they’ve never seen it before.