It just never ceases to amaze me here at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo, but you know I said overall live and learning is extremely rewarding we know that this is a great return on our investment, our properties we keep them up in tip top shape because we are a Home Builder Amarillo, and so our properties reflect the kind of work that we do. They may not be exactly the standard that we build to really try to keep them in very good shape because these rentals are our retirement investment, and the rate of return that we receive on them is pretty high. And so we just want to always make sure that we take very good care of our homes, because we need them to outlive us because this is, like I said our kind of unorthodox retirement plan and so Sunday when we don’t our dime on them except for maintenance and property taxes and insurance, then this is the money that will pay us in order to be able to retire. And it’s also the money that we will be leaving to our children someday when we die and so we just need those to stay in excellent shape for as long as possible so that that way they outlive us and so we really do take very good care of our rentals. And because of that we really do get a higher quality tenants and then like I said not always the majority of the time the tenants that we do get that we screened for are really respectful of our properties they take really good care of our properties for us as a Home Builder Amarillo.

And, you know, that’s very helpful to us because we just want to make these things last. And we’ve seen and heard all kinds of things we’ve seen and heard all kinds of horror stories, even our worst tenants are not as bad as some of the tenants that, and people end up with that we’ve heard about, you know, like I said, we do have friends that are landlords and so we do from time to time share our horror stories of tenants and you know I know that we’re very fortunate that even with the worst ones, we’re still doing a really good job. Um So some of the things that the tools that we use in order to screen applicant is we just use the tax appraisal records. So they tell me that their landlord is so and so and this is the address that they’re living out and I look at that property, and that is not who owns that property. I know right then and there that they’re lying to me as a Home Builder Amarillo and the third thing that they have to hide. Typically I can find out pretty quickly who they’re truly unlearned is. And then I’m able to get a reference from that. The other thing that I do is I do a little bit of a while every single day we receive the local newspaper and every single day I read the arrest records that are in there for the county on so if a name sounds familiar to me on application. I am going to look there and a lot of times if a name sounds familiar to me. I soon find that name was familiar because they fit in the arrest records is several times.

And like I said, because I pay attention to that on a daily basis that kind of helps me to be able to have a name stick out, and it’s worth always searching and I can search the newspapers online for their name and see what their arrest record looks like if they’ve ever been arrested and things like that. The other really great thing is that we do live in a small town here as a Home Builder Amarillo. And so a lot of people know a lot of people so even if we don’t know them, we probably know someone who does and were able to kind of use that as a gauge. And just as personal References The other thing too that we do is we do check social media. So if I see that this person is constantly partying if I can see pictures of the background of their home is trash it will be, if they’ve told me that they don’t have a dog but yet they have pictures of their dogs all over their profile which yes that does happen a lot. And then I knew that they’re lying to me right off the bat, and if they’re going to lie to me now there for sure going to lie to me down the road. And so that’s very, very helpful. And every once in a while, we do run a credit check on people just to verify and that they don’t have any past evictions. And then the other thing that we do, which is helpful to the landlords that do run credit checks on their potential tenants, is that we do report your credit so if somebody leaves us, owing money, whether it’s for past due rents or damages, things of that nature or if they just moved out in the middle of the night if they broke their lease for whatever reason, we do report this to the credit bureau that credit bureaus responsible to take care of it from then from that standpoint, so if they owe us money as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction, they’re the ones that call them and how them they’re the ones, send them the letters, they’re the ones that try to cover the money for us and we’re not the ones having to do that because that creates a lot of bitter emotions and but then if another way or more does a credit check before they rent to this tenant, that shows up on their credit and they’re able to see that Oh hey, these people Oh, another landlord money and then just depending on the circumstances, they’re able to make their own decision.

Now, I do understand that not every landlord is a good and honest landlord like us here at Chaney Construction and so there are situations to where maybe they don’t get a good reference from their landlord because their landlords not a good an honest person. We need to take those things that consideration. So, we know, we know how it goes on both sides and so we just try to be fair and artists and try to get fair and honest people into our rentals. And so that is the ventures that we have in land learning, and it’s a very fun business and we really enjoy what we do.