So more about why we are proud of ourselves here at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo. So then we had tell it on over to Wellington. Walk up, just in time to see my juniors than running the 100 meter dash, and he had a phenomenal run improved this time by almost a second, which is fantastic. I always tell them, you know, just improve do better than you did last time I don’t really care what place you come in and just always do better than the last time and that is what we like to do as a Home Builder Amarillo, be better than the last time. And he did and I don’t think that he placed very high. But the thing about this track me that my boys were at tonight is that there were only two one a schools competing in this track meet all of the rest of the teams were to a and three a schools. So we were low man on the totem pole. We were not the best by any means these kids are phenomenal, they are fast, they have a bunch of different people.

I mean they have a bigger school population in order to be able to pull people and to run these meats and our kids did so good. They all improved their time it was great for them to have competition that was on a different level than them because it really pushed them to improve themselves. like I said it was cold and you know there might have been 10 heats of the 110 heats of the 200 we didn’t do preliminary running so it was all finals. And so our kids did a fantastic and phenomenal job and Jasper like I said improved this time by at least a second. He got, I believe he said, fourth place in the high jump which is fantastic season high jumped in a long time. In fact, I’m not sure that he’s ever hijabs. So that’s really good super proud of him for that. And then it came to 200 meter run, I’m not quite sure what his time was but he did a fantastic job I felt like I didn’t catch the time on that. And then we moved on to the 300 meter hurdles. So, our Kayden. Our sophomore son, you know that I’ve spoke about before in previous articles as a Home Builder Amarillo, and he man alive, this was making this mom very nervous. This model was nervous I did not want to see him Wipeout again, especially in this meet with this level of competition. And we also had our two other 300 meter hurdle runners from White Deer so there was three of them this time instead of him being the low runner from White Deer which is great as a Home Builder Amarillo.

And so I knew that the boy that is a senior. And he beats him every time and so I knew, I knew that he wasn’t going to going to do as well as him. And, but there’s also another sophomore that ran with him and so it wasn’t really sure where they were at, you know, as far as competitiveness, and so we just kind of, you know, prayed for the best and we are proud of that as a Home Builder Amarillo. And, you know, as three moms of the three boys run into 300 meter hurdles, and we’re kind of huddled together in the stands and we were all just like please stay up right it is cold there but we will manage because want to see them do their best, you know, we don’t know if they’re warmed up enough gosh please just stay up right, please don’t fall that’s all we asked. And so the senior boy did amazing. I’m not quite sure where he ended up as far as between the two heats as far as placement. But let me tell you something, Kayden did a phenomenal job ran a fantastic need out of our white do more boys he came in second out of just the three wide air boys improved this time by one full second, which is great so he ran a 44 compared to last night where he ran a 45, and it was, it was fantastic so couldn’t be more proud of him. And we didn’t fall nobody fell everybody came across the finish line at Brian, it was fantastic and fantastic events. We get to the mile relay our sophomore boy runs that as well.

So we get to the mile relay and they’ve changed up you know we’ve got some of the boys that were out sick. Last week are now back in the model relay, and they are running that with my son and so he ran first leg. This time, and he came out the gate hauling butt and all I could think was, oh my gosh. Is he coming out too fast, you know, the 400 is an endurance race but is also a speed race but if you do not have the endurance, to be able to maintain that fast speed, all the way around, it will end miserably. And so he comes in hot and finishes highs and in fact he managed to finish. Quite a bit ahead and first place. So he legs two and three and four could not quite and maintain that and so we came in last on that, and which was fine. My son last week, ran a 59.8 400, which was not his best to Nike ran a 55.08 that was almost a five second improvement. I am shocked. I am beyond excited, I felt like that he really let his light shine and really showed those boys from these other big towns, who he is and that he’s a force to be reckoned with. And so that’s something that we’re very proud of here at Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo and as parents.