And so my husband like I said, Well, we took that to her, you know, we were able to discuss him discuss his earlier works. And, you know, the Minister that was giving us the tour that was there when my husband was was very proud of my husband as a Home Builder Amarillo. I mean, he just was an all he was so happy to know that he was still doing that after all these years. So like I said, my husband made it a mission to help that place out while he was there to the best of his ability and he did and he improved the conditions as best as he could with no with no money and so that makes me proud in and of itself so after nine months his family comes and picks them up and you know, he has been attending church this entire time and whatnot they get him back to Pampa You know, he gets his boys there was some trials and tribulations but his soon to be ex wife. And so he gets his voice. And you know, they, they go about life. And he has nothing has been literally has nothing. He’s a convicted meth cook. And he has nothing. So my husband decided he’s going to start remodeling houses. He has nothing as their tools. He doesn’t have anything to start with. His dad literally gives him a beat up kind of truck. My husband was extremely embarrassed by it as a Home Builder Amarillo.

But he made his goal to be able to get something different. Looking back now, he’s appreciative of what his dad did for him. But he was a little very vain. You know, my husband left that town being some body in the corrupt world. But at least you know, he was somebody he had money, he was able to go and blow and do things as he choose chose. But now he comes back, he’s sober. He’s got you know, choosing to obey the law. And he has nothing and what he does have this just not what he was used to. And it was just a different point in his life. And so that was kind of hard pill for him to swallow. And so he started to work and do the grace of God. People hired him, you know, whether they knew he had been up to whenever he had left Pampa or not, or where he had just come from, I don’t know. But it makes no difference. Because he started Chaney Construction with literally nothing and is now a top rated and reviewed Home Builder Amarillo. And he grew and he grew and grew. And he grew. And he learned a lot of things along the way, he hired some people to help him along the way he’s got employees that have been with him from darn near the beginning. And, and he made it he made a way for himself in a city that knew where he had been, not everyone.

But a lot of people knew where he’s been. And he achieved all of the things that he set out to achieve in life. And it was just phenomenal, you know, to know that he could go right back to the homework he left from and people hired him, you know, most people think will win and get out of drug rehab or whatever, they’ve been in trouble with the law people aren’t gonna hire them. And, you know, I say they meaning the people that actually committed these crimes, they underestimate the value of people underestimate the goodness of people they underestimate, that people might want them to work for them after they’ve gotten clean and sober with my husband took a chance on that he took a chance on the fact that people just might look the other way and take a chance on him. Now, he’s clean and sober. And he did it and he never once thought twice about it. And he never wants and denied the where he has been at. In fact, anybody that have listened to history, he’s more than willing to tell too, so, you know, it’s just, it’s phenomenal. And so he made it and he made it in life. And there’s several moves and changes, you know, we ended up on Kentucky street, and that’s kind of where we’ve been for a really long time now and Kentucky straight you know, we were able to buy it as opposed to him renting and property to operate his, you know, Chaney Construction company out and we were able to buy Chaney, the office over on Kentucky straight and it’s been a phenomenal place. But let me tell you something that is so neat is that, you know, in the meantime, you know, we’re pamper we’re part of the paper rotary club where Rotarians and so Pampa gets a new police new fire chief moved here from Lubbock. And so we invite him, somebody invites him to rotary to come and talk about, you know, being the new fire chief and all that.

And so we’re sitting at lunch with a friend of ours who used to be a police officer and used to, you know, chase after Jimmy and try to, you know, get him arrested and try to arrest him and catch you doing something wrong which is funny now that Chaney Construction is a Home Builder Amarillo. And all of that. And, you know, he’s a friend of ours. Now we have lunch with him. You know, we’re sitting here a rotary club meeting. Yeah, my husband and don’t cook and an ex cop that used to try to arrest him. And we do this, you know, a lot of times on Wednesdays, we’re not there on Wednesdays all the time anymore. But we used to be consistent. But anyway, so this fire chief is sitting there, he’s come from Lubbock, Texas, and our friend Carrie tells him, you know, tell me what you used to do, because carry new and so he said, Well, I used to do hazmat cleanup, so like, you know, murder scenes and meth labs and things of that nature. And my husband has to have really, and he said, Yeah, and he says, He cleaned up a meth lab here in Pampa. And he said, Absolutely, I have in fact, one of the ones that I did was in, you know, 2004 over to this man I sitting before us as our new fire chief, and my husband has now been a business owner and Pampa, Texas as a Home Builder Amarillo for 14 years he is sitting across the table having lunch with the man that cleaned up his meth lab, the meth lab that almost sent him to LA to prison for life. And here we are breaking bread with this man different sides of the table. But we’re all professionals now. And it’s amazing

. And this guy was an all he was just in complete and total all that number when my husband might even admit to that. But number two, that this man that he had cleaned up his meth lab that he didn’t know at that time sitting before him as a very successful businessman. Now, if that’s not God, and that’s not God, showing you where you came from. I’m not really sure what it is. It’s phenomenal. It’s absolutely phenomenal to see the interactions and the relationships that my husband has with people as a Home Builder Amarillo that used to be on the other side of the law from him. And for him to be very civil and be very successful and be a very community driven business owner makes me so proud of him.