Go to a deeper level with Chaney Construction. Still 10 degrees here. And I want to continue to talk about roughs this morning and I think we talked a lot about stone coated steel and I had mentioned other metal roofs earlier in a previous talk here at Chaney Construction a Custom Home Builder Amarillo. We’ll just talk about traditional metal roofs. For example, for a minute. Let’s just talk about the RPM which is actually made for barns. It’s very structural. It’s very strong, has big ribs. A lot of people use that on houses. I really don’t care for it on houses at all. I think it belongs on Barnes. I think it’s ugly. I don’t think it serves us the best. I think there’s just a lot better products out there.

It can span long distances. In other words, like on a barn or let’s just say a metal barn has power lines and they may be spread several feet apart well and our panel is made to span that distance and that’s why the big ribs and the stronger metal and as it spans that distance, you can walk on it or whatever you need to do and it’s not going to bend it or break it and it’s very strong and durable but it’s also looks kind of gotten to me and it’s just definitely not made for a house and there’s so many other better products out there the panel which is actually more made for residential roofing. It’s a lighter gauge I believe 26 gauge and you know it’s still a family durable but it’s not made to span a long distance it’s made to lay on top of the roof deck which is what most homes have they have you know say OSB decking or plywood or some kind of decking under there which is going to support them at all and allow you to just screw to it the CPF panels are can actually be done very well with the right installer they can band all the edges will basically have Mel expose fasteners, it takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of talented install that roof that way there’s only a couple of companies and the Texas Panhandle that I know of the do that and one of them is right here in Tampa. Partially zero thing and I know that Ryan Hart roofing and they do a great job with that as well. But other than that, I’ve only just seen it screwed. And I’m sure there’s other copycats out there.

But to my knowledge, that’s the ones I know of Custom Home Builder Amarillo will make sure that you have good installers for these products so that they’re not going to blow off so that you’re not going to have problems is that talked about what the CF panel and our previous talk the problem you get into is cold oil canning, which is just natural for this metal. It’s very thin, the panels are one foot wide, they have a little fee that kind of sticks up and it actually looks over the panel beside it creating a very strong bond. And then I mean the way that Mueller design this panel is that you would put expose screws and that’s what holds the lift and there’s actually expose screws are typically on the top and bottom and then you can screw are now it kind of aside the Wii. And then that’s covered up by the next panel. It’s a very nice looking roof. It comes in large array of different colors, the installation of this roof is can be kind of timely, if it’s done to make look right, in my opinion, it’s going to look right, it’s not going to have a bunch of on even cuts and things like that. And then sellers that I’m familiar with, who do this actually. Home Builder Amarillo is somethign you will need when planning a life.

Put a little band or cramp on the end. And it actually say in the valley, it actually hooks under that in an angle. So like it’s a very, very you don’t ever see a cut edge. They’re all like man very nicely and neatly and perfectly very, very time consuming. But I can truly see the difference and one that was installed this way and long. That’s not it wasn’t really designed to be installed that way. But someone came up with that way. And whoever that was, I give them kudos. Because it’s a it’s a great way to upgrade the parents of this roof Custom Home Builder Amarillo will be familiar with these different metal options. There’s also many other options out there, they’re standing seam, there’s a smaller standing scene there’s just many many, many different panels and you can also get into and you don’t see much of this around here at all. But what do they do a lot of more modern designs there are some really extremely cool panels out there they just blow your mind that things that you can do with or larger still they create the most awesome and amazing panels that I’ve ever seen in my life. And I just long for the day that I can have a client that wants to do something like that.

I love modern design. I don’t really like metal honestly. But I love the way that it looks whenever you can really spend the money and use some of these upgraded panels and choices I think I think you can’t you can’t beat the problem is it doesn’t really fit with what we have around here in the Texas Panhandle too well maybe if you’re out on a ranch you could do like a really modern ranch house or something and I beg for the opportunity to do that as Custom Home Builder Amarillo just around here where we live we don’t really have that opportunity it doesn’t seem like too much and more recently we had a customer and that’s what they were had their heart set on and for some reason they thought is going to be less expensive to do that but it turns out is a lot I I told them that and I was kind of disappointed that they were disappointed in the costs but the cost of still can be extremely extremely high and modern design is not cheap I mean that’s why you see it at magazines every day and everywhere because they’re beautiful and they don’t put cheap things and magazines typically you know what they’re showcasing are typically higher end homes Custom Home Builder Amarillo would love to have opportunities to build one of these homes someday and I long for the day and maybe even someday I might even do my own house.

I have a dream of Rios actually go up on the hill and having locked extremely modern house and maybe even I’m not even incorporate some of these containers and container and some of these are in metals but the cost of this is great it’s not less expensive people think oh you can just grab a container and build you a cheap home or no it’s actually very expensive to convert those things and make them into the home at least him to a quality home and an awesome sure you can just grab a container and do some cheap stuff to it but I mean to have a really nice place and they’re really cool looking place like most people dream of and what what is definitely not cheap Custom Home Builder Amarillo will lead you through this process lead you to an architect or designer who can design all this for you and more importantly give you a plan and a way to make this happen that’s going to last and that’s going to work well and meet your needs and most of all make you happy and proud of the home that you have it’s so easy just to throw things together and then not have the end result that you want and more importantly how something that’s not going to last for many many years to come we should build our houses to last for generations and inheritance for children and generations to come Custom Home Builder Amarillo like Chaney Construction will strive to build your home that if you maintain it will it will last for years and years and years to come.