Good morning, just wanted to talk to everyone a little bit about some of the things my husband and I do on a daily basis here at Chaney Construction as a Home Builder Amarillo, that really kind of put us above most other business owners, a lot of business owners have it kind of in their head for the beginning, that their business operates there for them. And, and that’s the truth when everyone starts a business of their own, they really put it there to be able to operate for them specifically. But sometimes that business takes a lot more effort and grind and just some of those hours that you put in of working on things that just really aren’t any fun and we at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo understand this. And it really doesn’t have anything to do with the physical operations of the business that has a lot to do with creating time freedom as well as creating a business that truly does work for you. And when you don’t work for it, I’m a lot of people find that when they start a business the end up working so many hours for their business, and they just can’t ever get away. So that really is kind of a dark spot in your business where you just feel like what have I done, if I made a huge mistake, I felt like this was my passion. Now, my passion is really turning into a nightmare. I’m married to this business, I can’t get away without my phone ringing, what do I do.

And so some of the things that my husband and I, and we’ve been like, my husband has been in business for 14 years, he’s made the same mistakes, I’ve made these mistakes in the time that I’ve been working over there in our business full time. And we’ve made these mistakes, we have created a process and i say process as in singular, we have created a process to where without us people can’t do certain things because they are solely reliant on us. And that’s a really bad habit or really bad place to be in and as a Home Builder Amarillo we know and understand this. And so that’s something that we’re really trying to work on breaking that at Chaney Construction. And so we’re, you know, set up, wrap it up with our new bid software, trying to get that thing set up perfectly to where we literally could train a monkey to be able to take on materials list and pop those things into the estimates and be able to come up with a solid number consistently every single time to where we’re not the ones having to do the bid every single time. And not to mention the fact that we’re working to be able to get the number of hours that goes into the bid down to an absolute minimum to where we can get this out faster, more frequently, and put us above our competitors. So another thing that my husband and I do or have been doing for a little while now as a Home Builder Amarillo.

And at first, it was like pulling teeth for my husband to do this, because he just doesn’t like having to be this disciplined and set things that are affecting him. And it’s been time tracking. And so what that means is we basically have created a spreadsheet every single day, we start with a new sheet, and we you know, down to the minute or five minutes or 10 minutes, or whatever it is we track segments of our time throughout the day that we do certain tasks. So if I come in this morning, and I update of, you know, add up my time for the week, I’m just going to put in there like 620 till 630. So took me 10 minutes to add at my time for the entire past week. And so by tracking each type of time segment like that, we’re putting a minute amount or an hour amount of time value and to the tasks that we are completing on a regular basis. So through that, then we were able to go back through take all of our time tracking data is and find the repeatable tasks as a Home Builder Amarillo. So every single Monday morning, I go into work. And I tally up all of my time from the previous week also go in and update my weekly numbers tracking and things like that. So you can see that every single Monday I do these specific tasks every single Monday morning, guess what, now they’re on my schedule permanently so that we every single Monday morning, I know I’m going to do these things at this time.

So therefore, I’m tracking out I’m scheduling out the things that I’m doing. And this really helps me to be able to get my days organised. Like this afternoon, I have some things that I would typically do, but I’ve doctor’s appointments this afternoon. So I’m able to take those things that I was able to pull those over to yesterday, or put some over to tomorrow, some things where I’m able to kind of maneuver my schedule around. So it helps me with my time management. And that right there is a huge deal because without that time management, I’m not going to be able to properly read my business. And so the other thing we’re doing is creating processes and processes that are duplicatable. So I have been so these SEO articles that I’ve been writing, I’ve been transcribing those myself kind of going and cleaning them up putting my keywords and and all of that, well, guess what I have written down the process on how I do that step by step as a Home Builder Amarillo. So now our daughter in law is about to start coming to work for us. And I will be able to hand to hand her that and I will be able to to give her that is specific task and give her my SEOs that I recorded and she’ll be able to do that on her own. Because it’s step by step broken down, guess what, now I’m not spending, you know, an hour, two hours uploading these articles. Because this is not the best use of my time. The best use of my time is to record them, but not the best use of my time to be able to have to upload them. So if I can hand those over to her and let her upload those. That’s the best use of my time. But she knows exactly how I want it to end because I have written it out exactly word for word detail by detail step by step how I want those uploaded. And so that’s a really fantastic way for us to be able to manage our time. And so also the other thing is, I’m able to track how much time it does take for me to do something like that. And so I know that it takes me approximately x amount of time. And so therefore, it’s time for me to give that over to someone else’s time to delegate that as I’m spending this much time of doing something that is simpler than someone else can do.