Because there are still so many things we are proud of, here is another article about it. And so what I mean by that is that you know and you know through that list or being guarded on whose voice you’re hearing when you’re going through those disappointments. There are times in your life where things do not go the way you thought they were going to, and there are times in your life where you make a bad decision. There are times in your life where somebody breaks your heart, or lead you down, or just be trade you to the fullest extent, and God can take those moments and make those right before you, and use those to make you and rely on him lean on him help you to learn to hear his voice help you to fix your eyes on him, help, help you to cry out to Him for help through those moments that heartache and disappointment. The devil will do the exact same and the devil will speak to you and tell you are a failure, you are not worth anything, you know if and not saying that this has happened but if you know someone cheats on you, and you know a spouse or significant other whatever it is they, the devil will speak to you so loudly and tell you This is all your fault. This is your fault because you’re less than as a Home Builder Amarillo or as a person, this is your fault because you don’t meet up to this person’s expectations, this is your fault because you are a failure and you’re no good. And they, the, the low, the devil will destroy your faith in the Lord by speaking to you. So guard your heart and learn whose voice, it is that is speaking in your ear and you have a discerning spirit and you find the Lord’s voice through every single disappointment.

The fourth thing that I am advised her on was you know let your shot your light shine bright for others in their times of darkness. You know why, even if you are going through some things and love is not going the way you expected, let your light shine, because even if you don’t feel your best and you don’t feel like things are going great for you that light shining and you can help somebody out of their own darkness and so do that always be there to support someone else always be there to let your light and your face shine for someone else because guess what their dark might be a lot darker than yours, this is what we have seen as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction. And another thing is, when they tell you can’t you tell them I already did. This is a huge thing for me so whenever I was a senior in high school I graduated as saluted Torreon of my class. I had a one year old child, little did I know I would end up as a Home Builder Amarillo. I was also married, because I had my daughter while I was a teenage mom, and in high school. And, unbeknownst to everybody in the crowd except for me and my children’s dad. Nobody else knew that I was actually pregnant with our second child with our middle son. And so when I got pregnant with our daughter. And people kind of advise me we you should probably look into getting your GED, the best thing for you is going to be to you know be a mom now and so on and so forth.

And I was like, Nah, not doing it, which I’m glad that I said no because all of that led to being here at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo. Why would I do that I have, you know, one more year of school to finish high school. Why would I do that well it would just be easier on you and this and that and you know it’s going to be stressful and vulnerable and I’m like, No, I’m not doing it. So then they advised me that okay well you only have to take half a day’s worth of credits in order to be able to graduate with your high school diploma, but I knew that by doing so I gave up my opportunities to graduate as second in my class and that’s where I was at. And so I knew that by going down to half days I was going to give a privilege to be slew Torreon an outlet was a right. That was something I’d thought for long and hard. And so I was like nope not doing it will not do it I don’t see the point in that I’m on track to graduate second in my class Why would I just give that now, if I had of I wouldn’t be here today as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction in Pampa Texas. And so, you know, everyone Of course we lived in a small town then and so there was, you know, judgments on me being a teenage mom there were a lot of people that thought she’s not going to make it she can’t do it, and so on and so forth.

And so my saluted Tori and speech that day on graduation day was the whole motto of my speech was when they tell you can’t you tell them I already did. In other words, show them, show them that what they think that you can’t do you just did it and show them that speak that with authority be authoritative over your life and speak with authority and take that and show others that you know what I don’t need your support because I have everything that I need in my Lord and in myself as a Home Builder Amarillo and that makes me very proud of everything that we have going on here at Chaney Construction.