This is Amy Chaney yet again, I am making the long hour and a half trek home from Wellington Texas. I’ve been in shamrock Texas today, started my day, you know obviously a wider where we live them to Pampa then to Shamrock TX for one act play competition for our seniors then, and then on to Wellington for our junior son and our sophomore son, and their track meet. So that is pretty busy for me as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction and so it was cold but thank goodness gracious, there was not any wind at the track meet, and it’s currently 46 degrees I’m rolling back through Shamrock on my way to hit I-40, so I can head on home to White Deer Texas, and it’s 10:30 at night. So that means the chat meet didn’t finish until about 10 o’clock. And let me tell you today is that a phenomenal day, just, I say this all the time I’ve spoke about this several times in our different articles in the past about just these proud mom moments for me as a Home Builder Amarillo and as a mom at Chaney Construction, and today was nothing less than short of a proud mama moment it was not I mean it. My kids do not disappoint me ever, ever, ever. So, I’m for one act play. And we competed against 6 other high schools, and we performed the play.

Why do we laugh. And it is basically about a man and a woman in their mid 60s mid to late 60s, and they are reflecting, and they are thinking over the different memories in their life they’ve known each other since they were four years old, they were thinking about different moments in their life together, and they’re reflecting. And so you have them in the back of the stage, reflecting in front of the stage directly in front of them are the, you know, six year old versions of themselves, and they’re playing and, you know, the little girl and she’s definitely dominating this awkward little boy, and you know it’s a lot of fun and so they’re playing. you know stage right you have the teenage versions, and which my son played the teenage set the teenage boy. And so they’re playing this teenage version of the elderly couple, and they’re awkward and you know he likes her be doesn’t really know how to tell her asks her to the data, she’s talking on the phone or friend and, you know, she’s talking about how he has an asthma attack because he’s just so awkward and doesn’t know how to ask her to the dance and so then to the stage left you have them and they’re adults versions. And so probably more my age right now as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction, and versions of them, and they are you know in a rough time in their life, and he’s kind of alluding to, you know, making Congress they bring conversations up of these other women, and is infuriating her and she kind of in her childhood years she kind of has this list of these girls that she doesn’t like at her school. And so these women that he is making these comments and jokes about are some of these girls that are in her list of people that she doesn’t like.

And so, and their, you know their oldest age, and they’re reflecting back on all of these things like we like to do at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo and you know they’re kind of, they’re just memories, until you get towards the end and then these memories start speaking to him and he keeps telling them, you know, you’re just a memory and they, they tell him oh that’s what you thought. But here we are and you know and he’s recollecting on this is not how it really happened. You know how she thinks it happened and it’s, She was just a lot of fun and all our kids from White Deer, they did the best performance of all tonight at competition and that’s all you can ask for so they get better and better each and every time we had some honorable mentions from white deer and then we also had an all star cast member, which was the six year old little girl, and, and she did phenomenal with her kind of sassy attitude and kind of dominating him and his awkwardness. And so we received amazing comments and feedback from the judge which we like great feedback as a Home Builder Amarillo. We did not place high enough to advance we came in as alternate which was fourth place the top three advance. And you know, it is what it is every time we go to these things I always feel like my our school did the best, and you know because I know which part.

These kids put into this and so it was, you know, it was heartbreaking that they didn’t go home with an advanced place, but we’re very proud of them there was nothing to be ashamed of. they had fantastic comments, my son. I’m received lots of great commentary from the judge himself, as well as his kind of partner, and they’re a little age group little duo and they did a phenomenal job and that is just you know you can’t ask for more from them. And it was a great, great production we feel at Chaney Construction a Home Builder Amarillo, but to hear him compliment us and compliment the fact that you know we come from the small schools but yet we punch a big impact. And we have a big punch and we’re mighty of the things that we do and how just phenomenal that was and so he had really great feedback on that. So that is the first part of us being proud of us, stay tuned for part two.