At Chaney Construction one of the other thing that we’re really striving for, and we do on a daily basis, it’s just some kind of self development, you know, listening to podcasts, reading books, reading articles, and talking to other business owners, owners like us that, you know, to be able to learn more to this toxic people that have had a business that maybe didn’t go so well. Or maybe it failed, or even a person that had a business that was extremely successful, and being able to learn how they did that, what did you do, what made you different, what made this business different, what then how many mine and what are the steps that you took, what are the processes in place as a Home Builder Amarillo, you know, and so being able to kind of model ourselves after that. And so we do listen to a lot of podcasts. And we also listened to a lot of Christian podcasts, sermons, things of that nature. Because we always want to make sure that what we’re doing is in line with the Lord.

And so being able to just kind of feed our brains and our minds, our souls and our bodies with positive things that other people are doing, and be able to kind of model what we’re doing after that, it’s absolutely phenomenal. So another thing that my husband and I do as a Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction do that most people think just absolutely nuts, as we really grind on the number of hours we put in our business. And so for that has for my husband, that means he’s sometimes at work at three, four o’clock in the morning. Why, because it’s quiet. And, and so he will stay until the very end of the day. And we may both go home a little bit exhausted, but makes no difference. So right now, I’ve been up since 430 this morning, I’m just now about to pull up at at work. And so I’m already going to be putting in an hour and a half longer than my employees as a Home Builder Amarillo. And that right there, it gives me an hour and a half of quiet time to be able to get a lot of things done, be able to kind of work on some things get my day planned out, be able to do some things that don’t require that require some attention, and really kind of plan out my day that way. And so it’s really phenomenal for us to be able to put in this amount of hours and time for time freedom sake. So you know, the desire behind the number of hours that we put into our businesses that the more hours we put in, now, the less hours we’re going to have to put in later in life. And so yes, it’s difficult, yes, I would rather be sleeping but as a Home Builder Amarillo at Chaney Construction we need to work more right now. And after a while, you really get used to it, and your body wakes you up automatically. And you’re kind of like darn it, it’s a Saturday afternoon. And it’s four o’clock in the morning. And I’m wide awake, because my body knows that I shouldn’t be up and doing something productive as a Home Builder Amarillo when really I just want to sleep it until eight o’clock.

But and that’s just not how we operate, we try to do things a lot more differently than our competitors, we try to make sure that we stay on top of our game we try to put in more than others do. So the other things that we really do when it comes to marketing, as simple as recording these SEO articles to help us move up to the top of Google organically, because we see the value in that. And we know that once we kind of reached that point, all of our other advertising and marketing dollars really can go towards something else. Because once you reach the page one organically, you really can start putting your money elsewhere. And so for us, we would like to see our money be able to go back into the community. And so that’s one of the reasons why we record these SEO articles diligently every single day is because we want to be on the top of page one on Google organically, so that we can take the money we’ve been spending on for our ads to run on Google to be able to go back into our communities. And one of the really great things about that is that when we’re able to pull back more into the community, the community is able to thrive, which in turn helps us when our economy does great, we’re able to give back to others than others do great. And they’re able to give back to people around them. And so it’s just a really big chain reaction. And so that’s really our goal for this year, is to reach the top of page one organically. And so that we can take our spending and advertising budget and be able to pull that back into the community, we’ve really kind of taken everything and skimmed it down, really poured all of our advertising budget into Google and other types of internet ads and things like that. But really, we want to be able to start putting that back into our community as a Home Builder Amarillo. So some of the other things that we do that really make us kind of a grinder with our business is really we do a lot of tracking we track where our leads are coming from, we track how they heard about us, we track um, when they called and how fast it took us to call them back. We also track how many times did we have to call them how many appointments did we have to set up with them in order to close the deal. So that we at the end of the day, we know exactly how many numbers we people have phone calls we need. And how many of those are going to close. That’s another thing we track is our close rate.

So we know that if we are closing rate of 60%, if we have 100 phone calls, 40 of those are going to decline or we’re going to decline and 60 of those we’re going to close on. So if we needed to close on 180, then we know we’re going to be 300 phone calls this year. And in order to be able to make our budget and our quota and all of that. And so we really track a lot of those things. It really is tedious and time-consuming sometimes but once you get the hang of it it really is worth every single thing that we do. And so we know that at the end of the day. And this is really creating time freedom for us and for our family I’m in the more time that we have been working in our business now the more time we’ll be able to spend with our families later. And so I just like I said, wanted to share that with you this morning as Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction. And just kind of let everyone know says the things that we do in our business that really just put us above the competition. I hope everyone has a great day and we look forward to talking to you next time.