What a great day it is hope everyone is having the same kind of day that I am, I am Amy Chaney with Chaney Construction just wanted to give you a little bit of a recap of what are we can look like so this weekend Friday night we actually started the weekend off with an area championship basketball game that we won so two of our high school sons play on that team and it was a phenomenal night it was a great day to be a white dear Bucs fan and we were extremely excited for the very proud of them. They played an excellent game and thought hard and the one and then Saturday morning as always started off with I said office and so we went to work, did a little bit of word worked on some bits, estimating templates, things like that. And then as a Home Builder Amarillo us at Chaney Construction we kind of made the rounds and so we left our office about 9:30 that morning made the rounds with checked on when clogged drain pipe with checked on one of our job sites where we’re building a carport for a camper and made sure that the boats that we’re going to work be sure it was at tall enough and roomy enough. And so my husband hooked on to the camper back to again and looked fantastic. We made an excellent use of the space there for the homeowner and visited with them for just a moment.

And then we made our way over to Alan read Texas and unless you are from this area you will never heard of Alan Are you Texas it so really it’s just a longer Creek line. And here in the flat. Nothing. This is the Texas Panhandle and as a Home Builder Amarillo we know about this area. But when you get to this creek line, it is phenomenal. It feels like you’re an entirely different world and the creek line. There’s rolling hills, there’s tons and tons of trees. So misconception of the Texas Panhandle is there’s no trees will let me tell you, you have to know where to find them because they are definitely hidden. But once you find them, you will be amazed at how beautiful and gorgeous The trees are. And so this piece of property that we went and looked at actually used to be a nursery, every famous Nursery in the Texas Panhandle and that the gentleman raised trees and planted those throughout the Texas Panhandle. You can say Bruce nursery and lots of people are going to know exactly what you’re talking about. Lots of people probably have trees from here and it’s absolutely phenomenal. And so we had opportunity to just go out and visit with a potential homeowner that we could do work for as a Home Builder Amarillo. Been able to really take a look at the property was just gorgeous. Then we were able to make early over from Outlander you to McLean where we stopped have visited by some homeowners that my husband did work for in 2012 beautiful home beautiful people. These people are older couple of painted this project in 2012. And it started off as just a simple diagram edition is what they were asking for.

And it turned into so much more. And it turned out to be quite a large projects and they are not a due to have, they do not have a single regret about making sure that the project turned out to be the way it did. And spending that many the extra money to go ahead and do the home the way they would like to and they absolutely love it. And so that was fantastic to you to visit with these people. You know this was two people that I have worked for before we started dating as a Home Builder Amarillo. So it was really neat for me to get to meet them and just discuss and life and listen to them talk about their home and about their children and their grandchildren and great grandchildren. It was just absolutely wonderful was a great time to spend just fellowship being with people for the new people. It was fantastic. Then we after we left we stopped there in McLean and eight at the Red River Steakhouse which is always a must and each time we are in the area fantastic food you want a great steak or BBQ that’s a fantastic place to stop you have a plane Texas was built right on Route 66 and so it’s kind of a little gym and the road you have to get off the interstate now in order to get to with me that it’s just a little bit of a jump over the interstate to get there is definitely worth stopping on your travels and headed east or west run off 40 Kids great food, great atmosphere. Absolutely love it there and we did come back on over to Why do your taxes and stop to visit with one of our subcontractors as a Home Builder Amarillo.

He was in town for a basketball tournament for his kid and have to great fellowship with Him as well. And it total my husband and I spent about six hours in the vehicle together and it was a great weekend and we ended our weekend with our family dinner. As always, we did it by a gentleman who is and running the project for one of the local churches here and he is a large claims restoration contractor and we’re doing some work for him here in the Bay Area and had him over for dinner since he is from Minnesota and he is away from home away from his family. And so we had it over for dinner and had excellent conversation. That’s our we had a nutshell It was a fantastic weekend and it was great time for as as a Home Builder Amarillo to spend with great people and we look forward to the following week. Thank you.