The Chaney Construction information you need. Well, we’re going to talk about Custom Home Builder Amarillo here at Chaney Construction once again and this morning. It’s kind of foggy, cold, 26 degrees right now. Which brings up you know, the thought in my mind about efficiency and, you know, new homes to be efficient. And you know that you’re moving on this doesn’t have the right air conditioning equipment and heating equipment can actually cost you several hundred dollars extra a month. If it doesn’t have the right installation that can cost you several hundred dollars an extra month. All those things are like definitely things that are valuable but oftentimes are overlooked. Because it just cuts down on the front end cost of building a Custom Home Builder Amarillo will absolutely positively Look at all those things and try to provide you with something that’s not going to cost you forever savings forever is worth it, there’s no interest on that you can put your money elsewhere, you can pay your money towards your house or your mortgage, there are so many other things that you can do with that money. Besides, give it to the utility companies, we use energy efficient equipment in all of our homes that will save you money as well as foam insulation, which is proved to be the best, for the time being, there are some problems with that that we have to address.

And one of those will be fresh air. A lot of the times people don’t even consider that is important. But if you get your own to tie say, your fireplace won’t even work or your book will actually put it back in your house. I know we’ve all been turned into a restaurant and times whenever you can’t pull the front door open. The reason for that is because the building is fairly tight in their benefit is basically putting a vacuum on the building. And, you know, it just sucks the Porsche and that’s what can happen in your home to along with that with no fresh air can build the mold, increased humidity, and it can just cause a lot of problems in the end. So you definitely need to bring fresh air into your home no matter what. And if you’re putting in say a big the subs over 400 cubic foot per minute which is not a lot the station Tom, there’s a lot of big benefits, then you may even want to consider adding a makeup air system, which is practically unheard of Custom Home Builder Amarillo Chaney Construction will definitely like consider these things for you. These things all additional costs.

But you know, a lot of times they’re overload because of the costs of a huge Viking range. And the nice that such 1200 cubic foot per minute, the cost of that is so great that it just adds more and more to the cost to do it correctly. So people just overlook those things. And those are all things that are very important. One thing that can happen. So if you have these nice fancy big methods and say, if you’re burning a fire in your fireplace, and you turn that there’s no fresh air or makeup air, you can potentially start sucking smoke back in your house right down the chimney. Because that’s when at least resistance. And that’s a huge problem. Because that’s really not good air that you want to bring back in here. So please just if you’re looking at building a custom just make sure that these bases are covered, There’s more than meets the eye is more than making it house just look into. There’s also the mechanical aspects of it. So I want to encourage you, if you’re choosing a Custom Home Builder Amarillo, just-just to think about these things to be aware of these things, there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to making your own function properly.

You don’t want to have problems in the years to come in, you know, nothing is necessarily perfect, but we do the very best we can to prevent you problems, to save you money to make your home energy efficient, you can spend a lot of money on windows are you cannot spend a lot you know, the efficiency of today’s windows are very govern. And there’s a lot of rules and regulations. So mostly most windows today are fairly energy efficient vinyl windows, you know, they come in on the bottom, and we use a lot of them because of the cost in you know, then you can move on up into things like Hello, which are clap windows with the word interiors. They’re great looking windows, they’re also very energy efficient. I’m not going to say there are 100% perfect they have their problems and their faults would actually swell and drink and expands and contracts. And there’s just can be a lot of problems with that. And as well as if you don’t maintain them. Oftentimes people don’t maintain those. And then later on top, you know, say 30 years down the road, I see a lot of failures with Windows.

So then there are things like composite windows that are great, they’re kind of fairly new on the market. So it’s kind of hard to say exactly where they’re going or where they’re going to go or how long they’re going to last but they’re also great options and you can get multiple colors but always just consider the efficiency of your home and everything that you do. Whenever you’re choosing a Custom Home Builder Amarillo those things are all crucially important extremely important and I want you to have a home that’s going to last you a homeless not going to cost you more and more every day. So a good Custom Home Builder Amarillo will definitely consider all of these things and try to save you money along the way as much as possible. There’s more to building a house than meets the eye. Please don’t forget these things. Please think about these things. They’re real they’re serious and they are very crucial to your future especially as you retire you know you don’t want to be blowing money on things like utilities. It’s just such a waste and unnecessary and you can spend a little money up front and it’ll save you forever like why would you not do that it just silly. So Custom Home Builder Amarillo very important selection. Thank you.