Good morning from Chaney Construction a Custom Home Builder Amarillo this morning it is cold, very cold here in the Texas Panhandle. What I’m going to talk about this morning is floor plans and the importance of a good floor plan in order to make your home the best that it can be, you need to really consider the way that you live to consider how many people live in your home. And also consider how many people you plan to have in your home at one time. And if you like to entertain, or how parties or what you like to do, all these things are extremely important in designing your floor plan. You can make so much better space today with less square footage, say 20 years ago with the floor plans because used to they wanted everything in separate rooms and divided into walls. And, you know, just walls everywhere. And it’s so disturbing. And like we just we spend so much time today taking all these walls down. And it’s kind of funny that Donald Trump wants to build a wall I’m right there with them. But you know, in a home, you want to tear the wall down.

We don’t want walls, walls make for small spaces, and they make for hard to decorate spaces and hard to arrange furniture spaces. And an open floor plan today can be very, Very successful. There are some downsides for the open floor plan. One of those would be sound transmission and we see this a lot as a Custom Home Builder Amarillo. A lot of times the husband may have the TV on extremely loud in the living room. And that may annoy the wife or the last may be in there cooking or the husband cooking and someone else is trying to watch TV. And you know, noise can be a problem with these open floor plans. But overall, you know, if your family gets along well, and you can all work well together an open floor plan is a great way to go. Because it just makes everyone be together and be spending time together. Whenever you know activities that are maybe considered work or chores or whatever you want to call them like cooking and things are going on. You’re still spending time and you’re still there. And just creates a feeling of intimacy and a better way of spending time together. Without Walls, you’re just opening up the door to a much more intimate lifestyle with your family and friends. And everyone’s there together. And you can kind of just see each other and see what’s going on.

Or if you have small children, then you can watch the children and see what they’re doing, whether they’re playing or if they’re misbehaving or fighting, then you can keep a closer eye on how to where if you have walls, you can’t see all those things. Custom Home Builder Amarillo like Chaney Construction, will be familiar with open floor plans and things that you can do to create an open floor plan that’s going to fit your family and fit your needs well, as well as just it makes for less square footage just seem so much bigger. Oftentimes, though, I see a lot of mistakes with these open floor plans. They don’t really allow enough room for furniture to fit well or things like that. And you really need to consider what furniture you’re going to use. Exactly. If you’re going to do An open floor plan and try to do it with minimal square footage. I mean, if you’re going to have a huge open room, it really is not so important because you can kind of use whatever. But with smaller square footage homes, definitely, you need to know exactly what furniture going to use.

Put it on the plan. Have your draftsman or architect or your builder help you lay that out and make sure that it’s all going to fit correctly the way you think so that you have room to walk around it and room to get through it, this is what we do as a Custom Home Builder Amarillo. And make sure that your furniture is not going to be in front of a door and exterior door or window. And that is going to cause problems for you in the future can be really uncomfortable. Also, make sure that your dining space that will probably serve as a breakfast area or just your daily eating that you have room to spread your table out and to be comfortable and not be running into the living room furniture all these things are crucial. A real common thing is eating bars or even tables are eating almonds were you have chairs and eating spaces that you’re Ireland. And there’s a lot of creative and cool ways to do this as a Custom Home Builder Amarillo we know and understand this. And a lot of people that’s where they eat on a normal basis. And then you know, maybe they have the dining room for family get-togethers or for special occasions.

But these ATM Allen’s can be just extremely, extremely useful. And especially when you’re entertaining. And you know, there may be several people working in the kitchen. And maybe the men can be sitting at the bar having drinks or the women sitting there watching or just to be able to visit you know, instead of everyone having to be spread apart. These eight and bars are just incredibly useful and they create a cozy environment. I propose a kitchen. So if you have friends and family over for dinner, then they can visit while you’re preparing the middle or can watch and you know that part of that and just actually see what goes into a Custom Home Builder Amarillo like Chaney Construction will help you recognize these needs and help you design a custom Island or custom bar that will fit your needs. And that will serve you will oftentimes these eaten bars can be great places for your kids to do homework for them to work on their computers. And oftentimes we install USB plugs which are cool, you don’t have to have a cube, you just have to have a cord. And you can just plug right in and charge your devices, whatever those might be your phone, your tablet, and it Just makes it convenient.