Light Commercial

While we certainly enjoy building and remodeling new homes, we also have lots of fun with commercial jobs! Offices, churches, dentist offices and everyone in between, we have helped many places in the Texas Panhandle give their space a face lift.
Commercial jobs are unique in their own regards. Not only do we have to help them come up with the perfect way to remodel the space, but we also have to help devise a plan on how to complete the project with the least amount of interruption to their work flow as possible.

We are experts at coming up with suitable ways to make your space work for you again, as well as, creating a refreshing, uplifting and positive new environment!

1. Assessing your needs

Our team will do a walk-through of your current commercial space. Take us through what a day in your property looks like. We want to know what works well for you, and of course, what does not work at all. This will help us to make the best assessment of your place! Sometimes when you have worked in a space for so long, you become somewhat blind to some of the things that others will see or notice from the minute they walk in the door. Because of this, we like to give an objective analysis of what we see as an “outsider” as this will help you know what your customers are seeing as well.

2. Realizing your goals & culture that you want to create

What are the goals that you are trying to achieve with having us update the space? Is it to give a facelift? Create more office space? Is there a specific need for better customer accessibility to the property?

Our team will ask these questions so that we can help you come up with the best plan of action to achieve your goals.
Another important thing that we want to help you with is – Culture. What type of culture do you want portrayed to your employees and customers with this new look? Have you ever considered your “audience”? What is your primary demographic of current customers and ideal and likely buyers? Do you have an older generation that you service? Maybe a more “at home” kind of look is appealing to this demographic! Do you service a younger generation? Maybe a more modern and hip look will speak to them! We will also discover gender and occupation of your customers to help you come up with the perfect culture for your business.

3. Path of least interruption.

We understand that in most cases, the “show” must go on during the renovations. We will work together with you to create a schedule and plan of action to be in and out as quickly as possible. If we need to work in “phases” in order to keep certain areas of the business operable at all times – we will devise a plan for that as well! We know that your business is important to you and your customers and it is important to us as well.

4. Assigning points of contact

Chaney Construction understands that in some cases we will be working with a selected committee or group of members that have been assigned by the business to make the decisions on your project. We are open to dealing with committees, but we require you to assign a point of contact for the project. This will be the primary person that we will communicate all information through that will be relayed back to the committee. This minimizes confusion with the committee as well as helps prevent costly mistakes from happening. We will not make any changes to the scope of work that has not been assigned by the selected point of contact. In return, all changes to the scope of work, concerns, or questions during the project will need to be made to a selected Chaney Construction point of contact. Our subcontractors will never be a point of contact for the project. If the General Contractor will be unavailable for a period of time during the project, your General Contract will assign you a point of contact for that time period. Again, this keeps everyone on the same page.

5. Accessibility Requirements

Did you know that commercial projects above a certain size require you to meet ADA requirements? Even if you do not currently employee people that have accessibility needs, you will still need to comply with the standards.

Doing this correctly seems like a daunting and overwhelming task, but we are here to help! We have helped many businesses in all kinds of settings get their project approved and inspected.

We will need to have the plans drawn up by a draftsman or architect that is well versed in ADA compliances. The size and scope of work will determine whether a draftsman or architect are needed. From there your project will be submitted to the appropriate places for approval. Once the plans receive a green light we will then start to work! Once the project has been completed, it will require an inspection by a certified inspector.

There are additional costs that we will explain to you from the beginning for these types of projects.

6. Suitable Materials: Commercial vs Residential

Did you know that not all products are suitable for commercial settings? A perfect example of something that we see all the time – is residential flooring installed in a commercial space. The flooring will not hold up or look nice for the entire life expectancy of the product. This can create a lot of frustration. You have much more traffic in your business place than you do at home. The stress of the traffic and the cleaning that it requires will break down the integrity of the residential products. We will work with you to select only the best commercial products that fit your needs!

Chaney Construction is also up to date on building materials that must be installed in sterile environments. We have worked in a number of settings that require stainless steel, melamine, and other various types of specific products that your facility may require.

7. Our credentials

We know that hiring professionals is important to you and it is most often a requirement for your business. A lot of businesses that we work with require the following from anyone they hire to do work in their space: That they be insured and bonded.
Chaney Construction LLC meets all of the above! We carry General Liability Insurance that covers our business as well as coverage that extends to our subcontractors, Workmen’s Compensation Insurance on our employees, as well as a Surety Bond that is renewed and updated annually with the City of Pampa.

8. Keeping the area clear and safe

While we are working in your business, there maybe times that we have heavy machinery, debris, or other materials that could pose a hazard for untrained individuals. We ask that during the process, you keep all employees and customers away from the job site area. The only individuals that will be allowed in the job site area are Chaney Construction employees and subcontractors. During times that are designated or with approved permissions the point of contact will be allowed to review the jobsite.
We know that your employees and customers are anxious to see the process, but we do not wish for anyone to be harmed.